The Woman in her elemental cycle

Women are deeply connected with the earth, the moon and cyclic Nature of life - and so often we forget that our energies are do not run linear but also cyclic.


To celebrate your Femininity, means to get to know and love your elemental Power and cyclic flow of your Energies. It is a life in connection to your authentic femininity, in unison wit your elemental cycle, with Body, Mind and Soul. Our cyclic elemental power holds so much beauty in it.

The way to a concious feminine life flows with the Natural Cycle.

In this workshop we will open up a sacred Space of a Womancircle, connect conciously with our lapregion, partake together in a energy transfer und get to know the spirituell, physiological, energetical and mental Aspects of the feminine  cycle. .

Allow yourself to be you.
Reconnect to yourself and your body.
Allow yourself to come into your elemental power.
Awaken your female magic.


Price: 25,- €

Date: 25. Mai  2019 14:30-16:30 Uhr

 oder  29.Juni 2019 17:00-19:00 Uhr

Language: German

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Payment: cash at the day

Facilities: Group room, Changing room, free Tea-Corner and Lounge

Entry: The Center will be open for you 30 minutes before start of the course. Please come in and enjoy a cup of tea.

Address: Abteigarten 7, 52076 Aachen-Kornelimünster

Parking: There are parking spaces near the facility

Please bring: warm socks and comfortable clothing

For further questions:  please contact: or 0049-(0)170 28 35 220


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