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Benefit from diverse Healers, Coaches and Teachers from around the world

The  Healers and Coaches we have chosen for you are vessels to the spirit world and cosmos, through which the Healing and your Realizations is implemented. As these methods are not based on recognized conventional medicine Healing can not be promised.

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Bulgan Windhorse, Wisdomkeeper from Mongolia

Bulgan Windhorse is an indigenous Mongolian Shaman and comes from the line  of the  "Khalh" family. This is a well-known and direct line of Shamans. She works with the pure power of heaven and earth, communicates with the spirits of nature and the elements and with this preserves the ancient traditions.

- Dates:  6. and 7. April 2019

- Price:   Reading and Healing 90,- € (1 Hour)

Ellen Otte Golden Firewing from Netherlands:

Trained through different shamans and in alternative treatments Ellen Otte has developed her own style of healing. You can enjoy holistic massages, foot and organ massages and healings with her.

Touch is an in-depth form of communication. The Body tells it unique story through the touch. Gently tenseness is dissolved, the bodyknowledge and Healing processes are supported. Relaxation and recreation for Body, Mind and Soul.

- Dates:   please contact us and we will set up a date with you

- Price:    Reading and Healing : 90,- € (1-1,5  Hour);

   Holistic Massages and Healings :

                 In the holistic Massage different technics, physical and energetic, are combined. Different layers are addressed    and their effects are deepened. Body and Soul are brought into Balance.

                Foot Massages: 

                Relaxing and calming massages. Meridians and Organs are stimulated, it improves the bloodcirculation and energy channel are unblocked.

                Organ Massages:

                After altai shamanic tradition organ Massages are gentle, detoxifying, balancing and activating massages of the abdominal organs.

                Tapping/Clopping massage*: 

                Revitalising Bodyactivatingmassage, where the whole body is tapped with the open Hand (bowl). It stimulates and activates the nervous- and Lymphsystem, the bloodcirculation and production of new cells is improved. * it helps by osteoporosis or other jointcomplaints


Tamara Maitri Bindu from Germany

Tamara Maitri Bindu is a Teacher and Coach of the Light Teachings. She conducts House cleanings based on shamanic wisdom and as a Waikara Master (zero point).

- Dates:  please contact us and we will set up a date with you

- Price:   Coaching are donation based               

               Zero Point House Cleaning 75,- (1,5 Hours plus travel expenses)

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