Our Teachers

Tamara Maitri Bindu

"I am a simple student of life. Constantly striving to learn, understand and grow within the human experience into the expression of who and why I am. My goal is to follow the expression of my heart to be humble, unconditional and compassionate to all Beings that were, are and come to existance. Constantly in search of truth. Knowing that the truth begins within me. I am here to share my experience of the journey to being more and more truthful with myself, accepting the light and shadow sides that are within me, allowing the WHAT IS to be AS IS. I do not see myself as a teacher. It is simply me sharing experiences and perspectives with as much unconditionality as I have and will develop that may benefit you in finding your truth. Grateful for every Person that crosses my path, as they also help me grow into my BEINGNESS."

Steffi Förster

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