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TaMaRa Maitri Bindu

Tamara Maitri Bindu  is your Person to go to whenever you have questions and requests. She offers Meditation, Girls and Women Groups and Emergency Support Coachings.

Being loving has always been of her nature. When hearing of

Kosmic Divine Infinite Unconditional Compasionate Love (KDIUCL)

it was clear that this would be her path to follow. Here Bodhisattva Anata Bindu Enrico Melson (PHD, MBA, CBE from CA, USA) is her guide and teacher. Before that she was taught by shamans, shaman practitioners and energy workers. Due to her former intestinal illness she started educating herself and visited workshops for kinesiology, nutrition and holistic lifestyle. In the latter and in energy work she was amongst others taught by Luc Dancing Bear. In the year 2000 she finished her university studies with a diploma in Biology with a priority subject on bats.

Her life is committed to KDIUCL and thus for the planet Earth, everything that exists on it and in the Kosmos.

She is at your Service.

Ellen Otte (4).JPG
Ellen Golden Firewing

​Ellen Otte Golden Firewing is a devoted teacher and healer, for both children and adults. She has always felt the healing power through movement, be it dance or yoga. She offers courses in hatha yoga, natural movement awareness, meditation and dance, teachings and ceremonies. Furthermore, she offers holistic massages, foot reflexology, organ massage , trauma healing.

She was taught by shamans, shaman practitioners and energy workers. Amongst them, several renowned teachers like Arjan Wolf Walker, Bulgan Windhorse, Chief Dancing Thunder and Luc Dancing Bear.

She is at your Service.

Bulgan Windhorse Shaman

Bulgan Windhorse gives Teachings and Healings at PaUna.

She is an indigenous Mongolian Shaman and comes  from the line  of the  "Khalh" family. This is a well-known and direct line of Shamans. She works with the pure power of heaven and earth, communicates with the spirits of nature and the elements and with this preserves the ancient traditions. Bulgan Windhorse is a traditional wisdom keeper and healer.

She is part of the circle of World-Master-Teachers and Spiritual Sourcery.

She also gives classes at Zennergy in Belgium and with Blue Jay.


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