Spirituality - The importance of the "I"

In Life we have been conditioned in many ways and it has become the norm to think about "my" welfare, "my" health, "my" happiness, "my" spirituality, "my" helping others.

"I" am the healer. This is "my" (spiritual) purpose. "I" have these abilities, "I" have been thought to do this or that.

And if we are honest, it is comfortable to stay in this space. "I can rely on myself". "I" have responsibility for myself and me – isn´t that enough"....

From "I" to "Us"

Having family, joining a club, going to work extends the “I” to the “Us”. We take on responsibility for "Others". We feel strong in the community. So now we have "our" community and the "other" communities. As long as “I” identify myself with this group all is well and we have a feeling of belonging and togetherness.

The Importance of I versus Us, the Others

There are different reasons for us to leave one of these groupings. Maybe we have noticed we are not aligned with it anymore. The intention of the grouping is not (anymore) what we were looking for. How often have we chosen to leave one of these institutions because we had the feeling it is to uncomfortable to take on the responsibility.

Or maybe we don’t feel seen. Don’t get the position and credit we wish for. How often have we said to our children: “Leave me alone, I want some peace and quiet?”. How often are we disappointed that our expectations were not met, our needs not being fulfilled. Thinking and feeling like that we are again in the “I”.

The feeling of “us” can extend to nationality or even "us humans" or "our Planet Earth" and so on. If we look at it we can see, that even here we are in separation, as there are still the others.

Growing into Oneness with the ALL

The more we grow in spirituality the less separation there is. We grow into Oneness with the ALL and thus just “Being”.

In growing in spirituality, we may ask the question if we are willing to allow ourselves to observe our every thought, every word, every action. In doing so, we will learn to discern why we are thinking, saying or doing something.

And yes, we will discover that very often it is the Ego that tells us what to think, do or say.

Is it really of importance that it is me who has posted this text? Or is it just important that these words are out there for those people who need to read it right now and it serves them in order to serve source? Why am I working in humanitarian help organisations or any other non-profit organisation? Am I really doing it from my heart space with unconditional love or is there a wish of achieving something for myself?

Spirituality and Unconditional Love

Spirituality is unconditional love and begins with ourselves, so that we can be truthful to ourselves. In getting to know ourselves, acknowledging, accepting and realising the truth we can grow. How far we want to grow is of our choosing. It takes courage AND is fulfilling.

Gratitude to all that have chosen and are choosing to grow. Gratitude to “assigned” teachers and everybody, everything as they are all our teachers if we choose so.

May this be of service.

TaMaRa Maitri Bindu


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