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The Expression of the Heart

PaUna - a Sanctuary.

PaUna e.V. is a place where People, Religions and Traditions meet in unity as One light. For a constant expansion of a healthy, conscious, respectful, compassionate, mindful und loving kind handling with and for eachother. On the path of the Creator may you find a place here to learn, share and grow in unconditionality and compassion. May this be a Plattform of united prayers without borders in recognition of Oneness to Benefit all sentient Beings.

With our Heart and Being we accompany and support you to find and walk the path of your heart. In finding and constantly developing your divine, universal and Kosmic Spark, you can come to rest and find the true purpose of your life. Find your innate Goodness, your inner Peace, develop unconditional love and live a balanced life.

Our Work doesn´t end with you. It also involves every sentient Being on Earth and in the Universe. Love isn´t only unconditional. It is also infinite. It is time to see the Separation we live in and come to realize the Oneness in all. 


For the development of your innate goodness and the expansion of your Consciousness, we invite you to participate in Meditations, Yoga, QiGong, Spiritual gatherings and Ceremonies.


Our work is mainly based on the consciousnesses and energies of Buddha, Christ and Maria Magdalene and in Connection with Nature and the Universe. We realize that all Traditions and Religions have the Right to exist and that it is time to unite all and be open. It is time to become aware of the constructs that we are Living in and to recognize how we set limitations for ourselves.

For us it is of utmost importance to act with purity and clear intentions in alignment with the greater good: Without frills and without delusion.

Spirituality is being reflective, acting out of compassion, innate goodness and the willingness to constantly develop in the above-mentioned qualities.

Our deepest Respect and Gratitude

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Schöne Frauen
Mädchenkleid Blätter fallen
Grüner Schleim
Hindu Götter und Göttinnen


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